rixythewraith (rixythewraith) wrote,

Title: Fundamentals
Fandom: BTS/Bangtan Boys/Bulletproof Boyscouts/Whatever they call themselves
Pairing(s): Jimin/Jungkook
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Foot fetish, underage sexual activity
Summary: Jimin has lovely feet
999 words

Also on AO3

Jungkook has worked with a lot of different dancers in the past, street dancers and ballerinos, supple young teenagers on the cusp of their career and old women worn tough as old nails from years spent on the stage. American, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, men, women, every one with a distinctly different style that he can never completely replicate. Every dancer is entirely different from every other in almost every aspect.

Except of course, when it comes to their feet. The fact of the matter is that no one can work their feet that hard without suffering some damage along the way. In just a few short years people lose their high arches and the perfect curve of their heel as they earn the flat soles identical to every other dancer. Jungkook can see it starting to happen to his own feet, he’s young enough that the definition of his mounds is still pronounced, but it’s nothing like Jimin.

Against all the odds, Park Jimin has fantastic feet. He’s been dancing for longer than Jungkook and by all rights he should be well on his way to having feet flatter than a duck’s, but instead his ankles lead into swooping curves and soft skin, his toes sitting in a perfect diagonal along the top of each foot, pink from the heat of the shower.

It’s adorable, Jungkook loves to touch them.

He passes it off as ‘Good Maknae Behaviour’ every time. Jimin will come out of the shower and stretch out on the couch, his dressing gown falling off one shoulder and his feet falling into Jungkook’s lap,

"My feet are stiff," he whines, "give me a massage,"

And Jungkook’s too eager to so much as pretend to put up a fight. His hands run themselves along the tops of Jimin’s feet, stretching them out to form a perfect line from his calf to his toes as the skin on the balls of his feet crinkle into patterns that look like relief maps. Jungkook sighs as Jimin’s toes unclench ans his feet relax into his lap, the curve of his arches are more prominent than of any other dancer he’s encountered (and yes, he’s been keeping track) and though the tension in the muscles is obvious beneath his fingertips, Jungkook can’t help but wonder at how elegant they look.

"You don’t mind?" Jimin asks one night when Jungkook looses track of time and misses the moment that the shower becomes free. He probably shakes his head too quickly but Jimin either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care,

"It’s ok hyeong, I like it."

The next night Jungkook showers early and Jimin’s feet don’t leave his lap until it’s time to go to bed.

"I think you like it," Jimin says one evening as Jungkook runs his finger down the spine of his left foot.

Jungkook shrugs, “of course I like it, I wouldn’t do it every day if I didn’t,”

"No, I mean I think you like it,” Jimin pulls his foot out of Jungkook’s hand and raises it to eye level, “am I wrong?”

Jungkook tries his best to hold Jimin’s gaze but it’s difficult when there’s a foot in the way, “is it a problem if I do?”

Jimin shakes his head and wriggles his toes. Jungkook feels his breath catch in his throat, he wants to suck on them, he wants to taste them, he wants to see how pink they can go,

"You can…with your….if you want…" Jimin mumbles, and Jungkook doesn’t need tellling twice. He leans forward the ast of the distance between his mouth and Jimin’s foot and slides his lips over the first two toes before running his tongue along the pad of them both. Jimin’s leg twitches and Jungkook brings a hand up to steady him, rubbing circles into Jimin’s ankle as the older boy’s breath shudders.

"Jungkookie," Jimin whispers as Jungkook begins to plant kisses on each of Jimin’s toes in turn, "that tickles,"

"Sorry," Jungkook lets Jimin’s foot fall back into his lap. He can feel a blush creeping into his cheeks but the embarassment isn’t as profound as he might have expected. Jimin’s staring at him with a thoughtful expression but there’s no judgement in his eyes, Jungkook supposses that his attraction to Jimin’s feet must have been pretty obvious after all.

"The others should all be asleep right now," Jimin murmers, "if you keep quiet they won’t wake up,"

Jungkook opens his mouth to ask what Jimin is talking about but the words never make it out. Jimin presses a foot against Jungkook’s crotch and instead he has to focus all his efforts on biting his tongue.

The angle is awkward, but the pressure on his dick is heavenly. Jungkook looks down and sees Jimin’s foot clench and unclench as he rubs him through his clothes.

"Do you always get hard like this?" Jimin asks. Jungkook nods quickly,

"Sometimes I jerk off thinking about it,"

"Huh," Jimin’s foot twists round just right for the heel to make contact with Jungkook’s balls and he has to fight to supress a whimper, "I never noticed"

It doesn’t take long for Jungkook to come. He’s young and he’s been thinking about this for so long. The sight of Jimin’s toes seperating to accomodate his dick, the knowledge that the friction stimulating him is being provided by the same flesh he has touched and dreamed of touching for so long pushing him over the edge faster than he would ever have anticipated.
Jungkook comes quietly with a fist between his teeth to keep himself from shouting. Jimin’s feet still in his lap and for a moment the house is silent but for the calming of Jungkook’s breath.

"It’s late, we should sleep," Jimin hisses, pulling his feet away and standing up off the sofa.

Jungkook peers blearily up at him, “hyeong don’t you want me to get you off too?”

Jimin smiles down at him warmly, “don’t worry about it tonight Kookie, you can pay me back later.”

A/N: Someone on tumblr asked for kinky JiKook so I indulged the only kink I have haa....I'm sorry to everyone who made it to the end


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